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Attendance Information

Absence Policy

EVERY day a child is absent from school a parent/guardian must verify the absence within 48 hours by calling the Attendance office voicemail at (510) 537-2342 x1.

A written verification signed by a parent/guardian may also be used to report absences to the attendance office.

If a student is Absent from school and/or Tardy for more than 30 minutes without a valid excuse 3 times during the school year, the student is truant and will be reported to proper school authority. (Ref. Education Code Section 48260)

Truancy Consequences (unexcused absences):

•3 absences – 1st Truancy Letter – serves as a reminder to the parent/guardian to address the student’s attendance issues and to avoid possible future truancy.
•6 absences – 2nd Truancy Letter – Student Attendance Review Team (SART) Meeting with the Principal, Parent, and Student. (Attendance Contract)
•9 absences – 3rd Truancy Letter – Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) Meeting at the District Office. This is a truancy mediation program operated by the county’s district attorney or probation office, and/or a juvenile court. Also in attendance are the Student Resource Officer (SRO), District Personnel, School Administrator, Parent, and Student.

Excused Absence:

1.Illness/medical verified within 48 hours by parent/guardian (e.g., personal illness, injury, medical/dental/optometry appointment) Absences due to illness that are more than 3 days should be verified by a doctor note)
2.Bereavement verified within 48 hours by parent/guardian (e.g., funeral service – immediate family member per EC48205, EC45194)
3.Personal Absences – a written request and prior approval from principal/designee are required in order to excuse absences for personal reason such as religious holidays, family emergency, extended bereavement, attendance at funeral services (for other than immediate family member) and appearance in court.  If you call in the personal absence on the day of without prior approval then student will be marked unexcused.

Unexcused Absence:

1.Parent/guardian notifies school of absence not allowable by law (e.g., vacation, work, oversleeping, visiting relatives, traffic/car problems, take your child to work day, failure to leave reason for absence)
2.School directed exclusion (e.g., suspension, lack of immunization)
3.Absence verified by parent/guardian after 48 hour time limit.

Extra Curricular Activities:

At Chabot, all students  must be in school for a minimum of four (4) hours to be able to participate in extra curricular activities.  Students who leave school because of illness may not return after school to participate in an activity.


Students are expected to be in their seats by the second bell at 8:10. (Kindergarten times may vary)

You will be notified if you child accumulates unexcused absences and/or tardies. Should your child accumulate unexcused absences and/or tardies in the excess of the state guidelines, you will receive a letter identifying your child as truant. A copy of this letter will go into your child’s school records and a copy will be sent to Pupil Services at the District Office. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call the attendance office.

Medical/Dental Appointments: Late Arrival

If arriving after school has started, students are to go to the office with a note from the Doctor/Dentist to excuse the tardy.


Please keep your child home if he/she has any of the following:

1.A bacterial infection. Please ask your physician for an “ok” to return to school slip. Please notify the attendance office of the illness as soon as the doctor confirms the diagnosis.
2.A rash of unknown origin or a contagious rash. This also requires an ok to return to school slip from the physician.

3.    Any open wound or boil. The student will be excluded until the wound is dry and/or covered with a dressing and/or has physician’s clearance.

4.   A fever of 100 or greater. The student will be sent home and should not return until he/she has been fever free for at least 24 hours without fever reducing medication. If your child has a fever for 3 days, call your health care provider.

5.     A runny nose when mucous is thick green/yellow.

6.  Congestion/cough that interferes with breathing and causes wheezing.

7.     Diarrhea

8.     Vomiting

9.Severe headache


If a student has more than 10 absences for illness in the school year as reported by a parent any further absences for illness must be verified by Physician. When there is no doctor's note, the absence becomes unexcused and truancy letters will be generated.

Independent Study Contracts

Students who know they will be absent from school for three or more days may request an Independent Study Contract from the Attendance Office. The Independent Study contract cannot be more than 10 days. Contracts must include the dates of absences, return to school date, and reason for the request.  All requests must be approved by the administration and be submitted 10 school days in advance. Once the student has obtained the packet, he/she must get the work assignments before they leave. Once the student returns back to school, the packet must be turned into the attendance office the morning they return.  If the student does not complete all the assigned work they will not receive credit and any future requests may be denied. 
Independent study contracts are not allowed for the first 10 days of school and for the last 15 school days. 
For any attendance related questions, including Independent Study, please contact Mrs. Genna Shipley ([email protected]) or call the office 510-537-2342 x4254